Volunteer Application Form S18
Welcome to enTECH Computer Club's official volunteer application form. If you're interested in applying to be one of our members, your first step will be to complete this online form in full.

We have one request before you begin: we take a great deal of care in reading what you have to say, so we ask that you answer our questions honestly and to the best of your ability. With that in mind, we wish you the best of luck and we look forward to reviewing what you have share.

Our interview will be approximately 15 minutes in length, and will include time at the end for you to ask us any questions you may have. If you have questions about any aspect of this form, please do get in touch with us!
Please enter your first and last name below. *

(eg., John Smith)
Please enter your student number. *

(eg., 20123456)
Please enter your WatIAM, which you use to log into LEARN with. *

(e.g. jrasmith; this is required for Feds paperwork)
Are you available for five to ten hours a month to volunteer for the club? *

(This amount will vary depending on what additional responsibilities you would like to take on, if any, and will vary depending on your division)
Do you have any of the following documents?

Having or not having any of the following documents does not have any impact on your ability to volunteer with us. They are required documentation for the retirement homes we volunteer at currently.

If you do not have either, please don't select any of the options.

Those applying for the Development division need not select an option either way.

Next, you will be invited to select your division of choice to volunteer in. Please note that admission to the Instruction division is contingent on a satisfactory Term 1 in the Curriculum division, but you are welcome to select it next.

Which of our divisions would you be interested in volunteering with? *

Please exclusively select those divisions you are genuinely interested in. We are able to take on a limited number of volunteers per division; selecting more will make us consider you for more than one division. You can choose your preferred division next.

The divisions are as follows:

Development: The technology management division is involved in continuing development of the website and roll out of computers, software, etc. for the seniors’ use. Our goal is to develop a login system for  volunteers to access pertinent information.

Curriculum: A great match for anyone interested in teaching, members help to develop robust curriculum based on Mozilla’s 21st Century Skills and the Seven Domains of Well Being.

Instruction: This "on the field" division involves working directly with seniors at retirement homes. Volunteers teach the fundamentals of technology to residents, using our curriculum documents.

If you have questions about any of these, please email us from our website!

What is your main choice for division to volunteer in? *

Please just choose one; we'll do our best to be accommodating, but we do expect some divisions to be more competitive than others. These also aren't set in stone - we just want to get an idea of where to allocate resources.

What do you think makes you a good fit for our organization? Please include relevant experience for the division(s) you selected. *

You have a maximum of 500 characters available for your answer.
What would you hope to accomplish in the division you selected? Briefly explain how you would do so. *

You have a maximum of 500 characters available for your answer.
By selecting "I agree" below, you are formally declaring that all information provided herein is, to the best of your knowledge, correct, and you understand that giving false or otherwise fraudulent and misleading information is grounds for dismissal from the application process. *

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